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Aussie Fauna Promoting Education and Pet Nutrition through silkworms

Nutritional Benefits of Silkworms

High in Protein

High in Minerals

High in Vitamins

Low in Fat

Silkworms, unlike crickets, are not noisy, smelly, or jumpy and with our Silkworm Chow, silkworms are now easy to keep! You no longer have to worry about finding fresh mulberry leaves to feed your silkworms.

An additional advantage that silkworms offer is the modest exoskeleton which allows optimal nutritional absorption. Mealworms, crickets, and other insects with have an indigestible chitinous exoskeleton making up sclerotized cuticles which may be difficult to digest. Often, intact mealworm and cricket bodies are passed in the faeces of some insectivorous amphibians and reptiles resulting in minimal nutrient absorption from that meal.

Another component of silkworms is a proteolytic enzyme called serrapeptase, which allows the moths to dissolve the cocoons when they are ready to emerge. This protein is widely used in human alternative medicine and is associated with anti-inflammatory properties and arterial plaque reduction. Although no clinical studies have been performed on its benefits in reptiles, certainly these benefits have been reported by reptile keepers around the world rehabbing sick and injured reptiles. Unpublished reports have also reported success in slowing the progression of corneal lipidosis in green tree frogs due to their low fat levels and the serrapetase benefits of plaque reduction.

***Please note we only sell silkworm chow and silkworm eggs on this website and do not currently sell live silkworms to the public.***